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Genuine concern, honesty, responsibility, respect and personal service have been carried through four generations of the Blair Family as well as our dedicated team of directors and support staff.  We offer a wide range of personal options to suit every family's needs and budget. Our goal is to help families create a personal and meaningful tribute to their loved one, to honour and celebrate a life well lived.  We would be pleased to provide you with a personal outline of available service options, funeral merchandise as well as an estimate of cash disbursements such as newpapers, cemetery and crematorium fees. 

We offer a wide range of burial & cremation options for families.  Our traditional services package including a fully finished casket is available from $5440.00  (+ HST).  There are many options and selections to ensure every family served at Blair & Son is comfortable with their choices and meets within their budget.  Should your loved one's estate be such that a service of any kind is not affordable,  your family may qualify for assistance through Ontario Works.  We work very closely with local financial assistance agencies to ensure your loved one has an equally dignified and meaningful service.



Cash Disbursements are as they imply. To aid the families we serve, we will cover third party expenses and place them on our account as a convenience until the estate is understood.

Strict legislation ensures that these items are not marked up and only the exact "cost" is included on the funeral account. Typical cash disbursements might include:

  • Newspaper Notices
  • Clergy Honorariums
  • Cemetery Charges
  • Coroner's Cremation Certificates
  • Soloist/organist services

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