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 Life Tributes program: 

Life tributes are a meaningful way for families to cherish special photographs.   Backgrounding special pictures to music and creating a DVD life tribute for families can have tremendous meaning both at the funeral home and after the funeral.  Our funeral home staff work closely with every individual family to ensure the life tribute is both personal and meaningful.

DVD video recording:

We have recently upgraded our audio/visual equipment to allow live DVD video recording of services at our Perth and Smiths Falls Chapels.  Families who have relatives at a distance who are not able to attend the service can view the service on any type of DVD player.  Upon request, Blair & Son can arrange for special equipment to record services off-site. 

Interactive Maps to visitation/service/cemetery/reception/locations:

Our website now offers interactive maps and directions to all of our locations as well as directions to area churches, cemetery and post-service reception details and locations.



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